Wax Seal Sticks (pack of 5) – Matte Light Grey

These Wax Seal Sticks are available in a pack of 5, designed for use with a glue gun, are ideal for various projects, including wedding invitations, christening and wedding stationery, brand packaging, family stationery, creative crafts, and more.




Wax sticks easily use together with a low-temp large standard 0.44″ glue gun.
To avoid overheating of the metal part and being stuck to the wax, you may put the stamp on an ice pack every 4-5 impressions. (Glue gun sold separately.)

Each pack contains 5 sticks.

• Size: each stick is approx. 13.5 cm x Ø 1.1 cm
• Each stick produces approximately 8-10 wax seals (Ø 25 mm)

Suitable for a wedding/event invitations or personalised packaging.

Made of durable high-quality material, a blend of silicone and wax .

Weight 0,01 kg


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